Because the true thrill of a rollercoaster is standing in line

Do you enjoy the wind not whipping through your hair? The thrill of not plummeting down a really big hill? Not having that feeling in your stomach as you whip around a roller coaster corner? Not experiencing the tension as you slowly climb the first hill on said roller coaster? If so than the fact that Ubisoft is releasing a Six Flags game this May will excite you more than anything. Yes, now you can have the experience of Six Flags while not expending anymore energy than waiting in line does. Here comes Six Flags Fun Park for the Nintendo Wii and there goes any respect I had for Ubisoft for making the new Prince of Persia.

The game is basically a bunch of mini-games based around rides like haunted houses (something I’ve never seen at a Six Flags) and skee ball. However, there is a reason to buy it. See it only cost $19.99 — a statement to its quality most likely — and it comes with a free child’s ticket to any Six Flags park. That’s one free incredibly overpriced ticket for any of your wee little ones. So this is a great deal if you’re going to Six Flags anyway, which evidently no one is. Nothing says go to our theme park because we’re leaking money fast like putting out a poorly made, piece of junk game. People love low quality, I’m sure this tactic will work wonders.