Chop, drop, then watch these webisodes

So Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop shipped out today, but we’re pretty sure the entire world is still on the fence about this one. How about some lovely webisodes to explain what it is really all about? Click play and cue the classy announcer and helpful zombie hand. The first video above takes you through the shooting, which looks like it has a lot in common with RE4 on the Wii — a very good thing. As we’ve all learned from The House of the Dead: Overkill, shooting zombies is fun.

The second vid shows a bit about how shaking the Wii remote comes into play. It basically charges attacks and also gets zombies off of you. I know they meant the whole wrist falling off thing as a joke, but judging from the vid it looks like that shaking the Wii remote might be a pretty constant occurance, a fact that makes us grimace in any game. Still, at least it looks like a bit of fun and… stuff. Oh, just go but it on the 360, I can’t keep this up.