Eyes-on / Red Faction: Guerrilla

Red Faction is a series known for its destructible levels and in Red Faction: Guerrilla, THQ’s first foray into current gen systems for this series, that hasn’t changed. I got to see this for myself at Comic Con where the insane multiplayer stage left me dizzy. The stage was beautiful at first–red martian dirt, mountains and an angry sky–and cover could be found among the buildings and mining area. However, after a few short minutes of play the landscape was a mangled mess and no cover could be found. Yeah, this feels like Red Faction.

The new Geo-Mod 2.0 physics engine is put to the test with the destructible environments and by the middle of the round the only edge players seem to get is in their Packs. Each different pack has different capabilities and coupled with different weapons makes for wild combat styles. My favorite so far is the Rhino pack which allows the player to charge through walls and opponents. There are also flying packs, invisibility packs and miner’s packs like the Tremor pack, which causes mini-quakes capable of leveling structures and the player and the Concussion pack, which propels debris and people away from them. Then just run up and bash opponents with the sledgehammer. Handheld weapons seem more standard fare with guns, rockets, mines, arc-welders and the Grinder, which shoots out saw blades.

The most notable change in the leap to current gen systems is that THQ dropped the FPS and put the camera up behind the player. All of the visuals are amazing before and after the environments have been ripped apart. The single-player campaign, which has about 10-12 hrs of play time, takes place years after the first two games; so there aren’t any single characters that make it back. Since Guerrilla takes place on Mars this game does take more from the first game as far as story though. There will be 20 maps for multiplayer available when it launches this June, with many more promised as DLC later.