God of War III, M.A.G. might be late to the party

Last week, Sony made the proclamation that Killzone 2, due out Feb. 27, would begin an “unprecedented year” of PlayStation titles to hit the console. In another unprecedented event, it appears they have altered the space-time continuum as well, bringing the first part of 2010 into 2009.

Sony today issued a press release to clarify their previous statement, saying that the aforementioned “year” really referred to the company’s “fiscal year,” which ends in March 2010. This means that those games with tentative release dates of 2009 could be available as late as the last day of March next year and the company would still be technically keeping its word. God of War III, M.A.G. and Heavy Rain are three of the big names without firm release dates and could be affected by this twist in terminology.