The Last Remnant comes to PC as first Square Enix title on Steam

It seems like Japan never heard all the ‘PC is dead’ buzz that’s going on beyond their borders, what with Capcom constantly porting its bigger titles and now hearing that Square Enix is going to be utilizing Valve’s Steam download service. It’s kind of baffling, but on the whole awesome. After all, if Japan doesn’t think it’s a dying platform, who are we to think that?

Square Enix will release The Last Remnant on Steam April 9, with pricing to be detailed later. The announcement states that they will be releasing “titles,” plural, so this is not just a one off thing. Future (and maybe past) titles will likely find their way to the service as well. It’s not like Final Fantasy VII was never ported horribly, though, so here’s hoping for good ports and times for PC players.