New gameplay footage of Wanted released

Leading up to Wanted: Weapons of Fate‘s thoroughly anticipated release, Grin Barcelona has released yet another video of in-game footage. This one details how one curves bullets, something we could only describe in our preview of the game published two weeks ago.

For the most part, the video explains itself, but I wanted to point out a few details. Right at the beginning, you see Wesley smashing an enemy’s head in with his knee. This is one of the many different close quarter combat moves in the game, and, take it from me, they all look that vicious. Second, almost every time the video shows curving bullets, they explode on contact. This only happens when Wesley has equipped a weapon that fires several rounds at once. With regular pistols, you’re only going to get that slow mo sequence (see :21- 0:22) if you get a head shot. Lastly, at 0:32, you get a good look at what blind fire–one of my favorite details about Wanted–looks like. Notice how the camera is brought up close, and you can’t see where you are shooting: you’re really firing blind. I love how the proximity of the camera to the player adds realism and intensity to an already exciting atmosphere.

At this point, the game is looking like it might turn out much better than most other movie-inspired games. We can’t wait to get our hands on the full version.