Rock Band Unplugged plays similar to Amplitude

I’m sure a lot of us were wondering how Harmonix planned to pull off a portable version of Rock Band for the PSP. Shortly after the game was announced details started to trickle out about how the game will play. Primotech describes Rock Band Unplugged in a way that reminds us of Frequency and Amplitude on the PS2.

Portions of the song such as vocals, guitar, bass and drums will be divided into phrases. The up, left, triangle and circle buttons will be the buttons we have to press in time with the rhythm while the shoulder buttons switch the instruments. Multipliers are earned through playing an instruments track perfectly but switching track will effectively end a multiplier.

Sadly there will be no multiplayer component in the game. It will contain tracks from Blink-182, The Police, Lit, AFI and Kansas at launch and some songs will be available to purchase via the in-game store via WiFi connection.