360 and PS3 CPUs “fairly equal”

Sony has always thrown out the claim that their Cell processor in the PS3 is freakishly powerful and capable of things like walking on water and turning said water into wine. Microsoft on the other hand has basically thrown out the same claims except that they’re processor lives on Mount Olympus and hurls down lightning bolts. Much like science Dave Shippy, the man behind the basic design of each CPU, has recently spoken to enlighten us all to the truth of each CPU’s real powers. They’re pretty much the same.

Shippy was asked which CPU was more powerful or effective while being interviewed by GameInformer and said, “I think they are fairly equal. The interesting thing is that the PowerPC that’s common in both is used in completely different ways. If you look at the CPU chip for the 360 and PS3, and the programming models and architecture, they came up with completely different solutions. And yet they use this same common core.” Same core different approaches.

So the real question becomes which approach is better. From my incredibly limited knowledge on all this I believe the PS3 still comes out on top because it can process so many different things at once whereas the 360’s CPU needs to hog up more memory. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the PS3 still wins out in the overall processing power game.