Gorgeous new artwork and screens from Square Enix’s Blood of Bahamut

Eurogamer has posted a plethora of beautiful new screenshots and artwork from Blood of Bahamut, Square Enix’s DS-bound lovechild born of a passionate, anonymous encounter between Final Fantasy and Shadow of the Colossus. Those game shows can get so lonely.

You may remember a few of these iconic images from the trailer Alfonso posted back when Square Enix first announced the original role playing title, which features 2D sprites battling massive monsters in a 3D atmosphere. Utilizing the handheld’s co-op capabilities, Blood of Bahamut tasks up to four local players with defending their architecturally ambulatory city from attack by monsters. You know, other than the one they live on.

That’s right, these poor bastards have built condos in the nooks and crannies of massive stonework creatures, colossi if you will. For reasons unknown, the dormant giants awake from their slumber and those living within the poorly planned cities are forced to simultaneously defend and defeat their now hostile homes. It looks like you’ll be battling both the ginormous living cities and an assortment of smaller scale baddies in the quest to save your recently renovated time share. Despite it’s obvious influences, it’s looking like a good JPRG from the people who do JRPG’s best.