inFamous possibly taking the animated cutscene route

We don’t know how the gameplay of Sony’s strangely capitalized inFamous will compare to Activision’s Prototype, which also stars a superpowered protagonist (whose abilities extend beyond the realm of a really bad day at your local Light & Power). I tend to lean toward Prototype‘s genetically mutated, generally forgetful shape-shifter searching for answers over inFamous‘ bike messenger imbued with electrical powers in a massive explosion.

Of course, that was before I saw this cinematic clip from Sony’s superheo/villian sandbox title – if all the cutscenes are as gorgeously rendered, color me interested. This definitely favors the slick motion comic-style of Watchmen and Invicible over the cruddy anime-style of Mirror’s Edge.

Side note to all animators, that crazy chick from the Esurance ads should never be a source of inspiration, not even for purchasing sketchy online insurance.