LittleBigPlanet’s sackboys and sackgirls go vinyl

Though not as huggable as their crocheted counterparts, Mezco’s upcoming first wave of LittleBigPlanet toys will at least be cheaper and more widely available, not to mention they’re the cutest four inches of roto-vinyl to ever grace a desktop.

Debuted at Toy Fair 2009, the first assortment of game-inspired Sackboys will include Marvin (the blaxsploitation movie star), Sky (the My Chemical Romance groupie), VooDoo (the Bond movie villian), and Neon (the Tron sequel extra). The basic brown model that first captured our hearts will also be available featuring a variety of interchangeable facial expressions and customizable accessories. I’ve got several Mezco-made figures, and their quality and durability make me look forward to adding Sackboy to the collection, in all his stitched and stumpy glory.

Look for these articulated hunks of adorability on retail shelves this spring.