New Call of Juarez video and screens sure are purty

Earlier today, Ubisoft and Techland gave a closer look at this summer’s Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. Bound in Blood places players in the boots of the McCall brothers, taking them from Civil War era Georgia to the Aztec ruins of Mexico. Players can choose which brother to embody, either Ray or Thomas, with each having their own specific gameplay styles, abilities, and weapons. As the screens below and video above show, the brothers McCall apparently enjoy blowing stuff up, spitting on lily-livered yellow bellies, and giving menacing looks. Staying true to the theme of the game, the upcoming release will have “outlaws, duels, treasure and women.” Not sure if that’s the proper order of things, but you know how those wild West folk are.

Additionally, a variety of weapons from six-shooters to cannons and machine guns allow players to vary their own playing style, with each accurate shot building towards the ability to let loose devastating shooting modes which become even more damaging when the brothers work together. Players will travel the world by horseback, wagon, and canoe looking for varmits to place into a pine box. Multiplayer will allow to live out the dream of being a gunslinger, bandit, or sheriff online as well, with a “Bounty system” that raises the bounty on their head as their online kills increase.

Not sure how possible this is, but any game that combines the state of Georgia, a lawless state of things, and a canoe just begs for a Deliverance-esque stage.