Taekwondo Olympian trains using Street Fighter IV

Like all Olympians, International Taekwondo gold medalist Tyrone Robinson (above) is in training for London’s 2012 Olympics. Unlike most, however, Tyrone’s doing it by playing Street Fighter IV.

The 22 year old Team Great Britain member is using the game to sharpen his reflexes, develop his mental strength and learn new moves. I’m just going to say that again, to learn new moves. Speaking to GameZine, Tyrone said, “I’m never going to be able to throw fireballs in the ring like the characters in Street Fighter IV, but I can still try some of the crazy kicks they do. It’s a good way to relax at the end of a hard day’s training and great to have a tournament with friends.”

Tyrone’s even got the backing of his coaches. Des Blackburn, the Performance Analyst for Great Britain Taekwondo, is in full support of Tyrone’s training techniques. “To complement their physical training our athletes are also encouraged, in their spare time, to play this type of game, as it is known that doing so can increase their attention span, depth perception and hand-eye coordination; though this is always recommended as an addition to their physical training and never as a replacement!”

Keep your eyes peeled at the London Olympics then people. Three years is long enough to learn the Spinning Bird Kick, right?