Dawn of Discovery is announced for US, trailer causes teeth grinding

Look, it’s very clear that appealing to the masses is something game companies want their games to do, but if Dawn of Discovery‘s voiceover was any more chipper and he said words like easy and intiutive anymore I’m almost positive most gamers would pick up pitchfork and torch and march on his house. It’s a bit sad too because behind the “IT’S SO INCREDIBLY EASY TO PLAY THIS GAME” message that is being shoved in our face there seems to be a pretty decent looking entry into the city building Anno series.

The game features you taking on the role of a prince in the year 1404. After a drought your father, the king, requests that you help save the kingdom. You go off and find some oriental magic like iregation and return to start restructuring everything. The Wii should be a pretty comfortable fit for RTS games like this, so who knows, this one might turn out well. However, the whole “get everyone into it” emphasis is more scary than inviting, especially since they’ve clearly departed from the original games’ look in order to appeal to a larger crowd. By the way, how useless does that co-op sound? The game should hit Wii, DS and PC in summer of 2009.