Games characters get the pseudo realism treatment

Videogames are the perfect place to escape from the confines of reality — and the confines of genetics. From skimpily-clad, cold-impervious treasure hunters to gun-toting, alien-slaughtering fighting machines, videogames have definitely helped perpetuate a certain ideal of beauty.

But what if Tomb Raider‘s Lara Croft really resembled a brilliant British archaeologist? What if Half-Life‘s Gordon Freeman looked the part of a theoretical physicist? What if Duke Nukem‘s titular hero continued along the trajectory of the first game, as a disgruntled television viewer with violent tendencies? They’d probably end up looking exactly like artist Tom Rhodes’ portraits, which offer his personal take on some of gaming’s biggest names.

If you’ve ever laid hand to videogame controller, you will instantly recognize these humorous renditions of the beer-bellied Italian plumber, the suprisingly ambulatory turtle and the adorable shoe-wearing woodland creatures, among others. My personal favorite is Street Fighter‘s Ken and Ryu – there is truley no clothing combo more epic than the pairing of a hauntingly beautiful wolf shirt with patriotic baggy workout pants.