Get all steampunked with single- and multi-player Damnation trailers

When Luke got some hands-on time with Damnation at NYCC he was pretty impressed with how the game played out upwards instead of in the traditional shooter style of running forward. Now we can all see what he was talking about in the new trailer above. The game looks like a cross between the climbing of Tomb Raider and the shooting of every shooter ever. Not to buy too much into the hype here, but do you see that draw distance? Niiiiice. It’s encouraging to see a game take a different look at shooters and the lack of the now overused sticky cover system makes us stand up and applaud.

Unfortunately we didn’t get any time with the game’s multiplayer, but the video below gives us a look at what that will be like. The ability to basically shoot at any time from any position is pretty much a dream come true for any online shooter fan and will most definitely lead to a lot of “Who the f**k killed me” moments. However, with all the interesting angles that Damnation brings to the shooter genre it will still have to be a good shooter for any of this to matter, and that we can’t really judge from the vids.