Nintendo reveals another Wii controller

Now we’re not one to complain about having a plethora of control options for a gaming system, but at the moment many people’s Wii controller collections are starting to look like some sort of glistening, white briar patch. There’s a Balance Board, the Zapper, the wheel, the Wii Remote, the Nunchuck, the Classic Controller and the Gamecube controller. That isn’t enough for Nintendo though, as they have just introduced the Classic Controller Pro. The controller is simply the Classic Controller, but with a bit more comfort.

The new controller, which looks especially designed for N64 games, features the obvious two handle bars for easier, more ergonomic holding action, but also distances the dual joysticks from each other and adds extra shoulder buttons. Those separated joysticks are a godsend for anyone whose been attempting to play a game that requires both on the VC. Thumb to thumb contact should never happen while playing games. It’s dirty and wrong. No word on when the new controllers will be getting to the US or Europe, if they come at all.