Rumor / Next PSP will ditch the UMD drive?

So, the PSP hasn’t really been enjoying its time on the market. The UMD movies kind of, well, fell flat on their shiny faces. Since then, people (meaning me) have been wondering if Sony would drop the format in the inevitable PSP 2.

Well, thanks to the all mighty rumor machine known as Twitter, we may have gotten our answer. Acclaim President, David Perry, may have twitted away all of Sony’s secrets. On a post Perry claims that ” Sony FINALLY has the PSP 2. And thank goodness, they’ve removed the stupid battery-sucking UMD disc drive..”

Of course, Sony PR was quick to jump all over this and responded with their normal “we don’t comment on rumors.” Could it be true? Well, Perry has a variety of sources within the industry. It wouldn’t be surprising if one of them had been working on the PSP 2 model. However, with a few high tier titles already announced for the system–such as Assassin’s Creed–it doesn’t seem like Sony is ready to let go of the UMD.

Then again, at TGS 2008 Sony announced their plans to simultaneously release all Japanese PSP games in a UMD and downloadable format. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a PSP 2 with only a online marketplace. It’s the future after all…