Spore proves that evolution is all about fighting

So you create a creature in Spore, then you spend hundreds upon thousands of years evolving them, then you advance their civilization and culture until they’re intelligent beings with religion, writing and technology, then you usher them into space and meeting with other creatures. What’s the next step? Crazy adventures of course! As Darwin once said, “Evolution would be nothing if you couldn’t have some fun with it.”*

The above trailer is for the upcoming expansion Spore Galactic Adventures. In it we can see how players take their creatures into mission based action, turning a game about evolution and creation into a game about action. It’s as if Inherit the Wind got an ending where the entire courtroom decided to settle their differences on the street, Rocky V style. All right, maybe I’m coming down a bit harsh on this. In all honesty it does look like fun and that is what gaming is all about. Plus, I think we’ve all been wanting to do a bit more with the creatures that we spent so long cultivating.

* Darwin didn’t say this, but I bet if he was alive he would.