DSi not to compete with iPod, seriously guys

Oh my gosh Iwata said something! You know what happens when Iwata says something? We f***king report on it. Ok, well maybe not every time he says something, but it’s kind of a slow news day and we’re aching to post. In Nintendo’s feature “Iwata Asks”, the Nintendo guru talks a little about the DSi and assertions that Nintendo is now competing with the cellphone and iPod market.

Not so, says Iwata.

“Nintendo doesn’t have any intention of directly competing with existing products, but the mass media has a tendency to portray everything as a rivalry between opposing companies,” he said, adding that “it seems some people have the impression that we want to compete with cell phones or the iPod, that putting cameras or music players in our devices is out of character for us..”

True, we can’t really ignore that the DS has a camera and almost all cellphones do. Not to mention that the DS has a music player, which 98 percent of the world population already has. Maybe Nintendo is trying to elbow their way into different markets, but this doesn’t seem like the sweeping move we would expect them to make.

Maybe the DSi is a subtle first step?