EA “didn’t make hits” in 2008

EA has really been reflecting on 2008 and why its stock has hit its lowest point in several years. One thing that could be attributed to that? “The biggest thing was that we didn’t make hits,” says EA chief operating officer John Pleasants. The company thought that titles like Mirror’s Edge and Dead Space were going to be bringing in the revenue, but they didn’t. Having just announced that as of Dec. 31, Mirror’s Edge and Dead Space, both being released on the 360, PS3 and PC, had just sold over a million while titles like Left 4 Dead, being released on the 360 and PC had sold over 1.8 million, it makes sense as to why he would call their new IPs anything but hits.

What will EA’s plan be for 2009? Well aside from taking chances, EA wants to cut costs in every division except marketing, reports Forbes. Looking back on previous years, EA has come to the conclusion that they just haven’t been doing the marketing properly. They just can’t throw a ton of money at a project only to give it a minute of ad time leading up to release, they need to do stuff the right way, by putting some variety into the digital and more common forms of ad channels.