Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to feature videogames

If you haven’t noticed or are like myself and have been playing videogames late at night instead of watching the various late night talk shows on TV, then you might not have noticed that all of NBC’s late night shows are changing. Since Conan O’Brien is gone and moving to the Tonight Show, NBC has picked up Jimmy Fallon to fill that void. As a fan of Conan’s old show, I’ve been fairly skeptical of how able Jimmy Fallon will be to fill those very large shoes (I mean that literally, that freaking Conan is like 8 feet tall).

The good news is that Late Night with Jimmy Fallon looks to be going its own and more youthful direction. In an attempt to nab the holy grail of demographics, NBC is pulling out all the stops and the one that interests us the most is the fact that this show will be treating videogames like movie premieres. Fallon spoke with MovieWeb “We’ll treat a video game premiere like a movie premiere. … We’re not going to hide the fact that people are on the Internet all day. I think a lot of shows don’t really mention that. They barely touch on it.”

What that actually means is yet to be seen. We have a vision of actors like Liam Neeson coming on to dicuss his role in Fallout 3, or a high profile game developer coming on to talk about the blockbuster game they just released. We can see it now, an actor setting up a clip and then watching them in the game, on national television. Hopefully it floats, because we gamers know that the future of entertainment is here, and it’s nice to see that videogames are finally starting to be recognized on the same level as films.