You got your Patapon in my LittleBigPlanet

After inundating us with a steady stream of celebrity sackperson downloads last year, the folks over at Media Molecule seemed to have taken a break in 2009 from pummeling us with cute and charging $2.99 a pop for it. But what’s that I hear? A rhythmic drumming in the distance? It appears to be a tribe of warriors marching toward us, and as they approach I can see… Egads! Would you look at the size of those cyclopean heads?

Once you’ve gotten over the horror of those freakishly large eyeballs, get ready to celebrate, because as the PlayStation.Blog informs us, we just passed the one-year anniversary of P-Day (i.e., the launch of Patapon). You can act coy and pretend you weren’t aware this milestone was upon us, but we know you’ve already ordered your Patapon-themed ice cream cake from Carvel (save us a slice, won’t you?). No word yet on when we can expect to download this unholy hybrid of two of Sony’s most interesting IPs, but don’t let that stop you from buying that matching set of Patapon plates, napkins, and table cloth.