Level up your Street Fighter skills and defeat Flowchart Kens

With Street Fighter IV being the first brand new SF game in over a decade, there’s a good chance that many of you who picked the game up are either experiencing Street Fighter for the first time or rediscovering your love of the series after a long absence. And if you’re like me, you’re having no trouble executing special moves, but you haven’t totally grasped the game’s more intricate systems (i.e., focus attacks, canceling, etc.). If you fall into this category, read on for a list of resources you can use to level up your Street Fighter skills and defeat the dreaded online beasts known as Flowchart Kens.

  • 1UP’s Street Fighter IV Superguide — The Abel combo video above comes from this guide, which is written by Neidel “Haunts” Crisan of iPlayWinner.com. Currently, the guide only includes combo videos for Abel, Ryu, Dan, Sagat, and Cammy, but it includes basic strategy for every character that includes ground and air tactics, a list of bread-and-butter combos, and scenarios for landing super and ultra combos. A great resource that will only get better as more content is added over time.
  • kalelulen4’s YouTube ChannelStreet Fighter IV‘s Challenge Mode includes character-specific trials you can use to practice special moves, combos, super cancels, and more. It’s a useful mode that could have been essential if it weren’t for one glaring omission: an option to have the AI demo a combo so you can get a feeling for the timing before attempting it yourself. That’s where kalelulen4’s YouTube channel comes in. Here you can watch walkthroughs of each character’s trials and learn the timing of the game’s most complex and challenging combos.
  • The Forums at Shoryuken.com — The definitive site for all things Street Fighter (and fighting games in general), Shoryuken.com hosts forums loaded with invaluable information. In addition to character-centric pages where expert players discuss strategies, matchups, and more, Shoryuken has pages dedicated to the SF rookie as well, including a Street Fighter IV FAQ and a dedicated beginner’s thread.
  • S-KILL’s Guide to Unlocking Akuma and Gouken — This one doesn’t have anything to do with strategy or combos, but we included it because of the amount of confusion circling the Net over how to unlock these two characters. We’ve tested both methods and can say with 100% certainty that they work. Just make sure you pay attention to all necessary conditions (especially First Attacks), and you’ll be playing as Akuma and Gouken in no time.

Obviously, there are more resources out there than the four listed above (check out our review if you haven’t already), but these are great places to start. Good luck and we’ll see you online.