Capcom: remaking Resident Evil 2 may be happening

If you ever played the remake of the original Resident Evil you know that a graphical revamp of the game made it all the better. Those dogs jumping through the window were twice as scary when everything wasn’t made out of large rectangles. So we can’t blame fans when they start asking questions about possible remakes of other RE games because, well, we want to know the exact same thing.

Lucky for us someone at WonderCon this past week chirped up with a question about a possible remake of Resident Evil 2 during a panel on RE5. In response Capcom representative Mike Webster told everyone to “stay tuned, we absolutely understand that these are classic games. Some announcements that you will be very interested in [are on the way].” At which point an entire room full of RE fans, already aroused from looking at RE5 stuff, exploded in there pants. So where is it coming to? The Wii, 360 or PS3?