Dexter’s murderous moonlighting antics dated for summer

Dexter’s titular blood spatter expert-cum-serial killer is getting his own iPhone game, Dexter, and it’s being released via iTunes this summer. Based on the brilliant Showtime series Dexter, which is in turn based on the book series by Jeff Lindsay, the Icarus Studios-developed title is described in a press release as “investigative in style,” a game in which “the player will analyze crime scenes, uncover evidence, and choose which brand of justice best suits the situation: the courts or the ‘Dark Passenger.’”

Wow, tough call there Icarus Studios, tough call – I wonder which path to choose in a game about a SERIAL KILLER. Skepticism aside, Dexter promises to blend puzzles, stealth tactics and serial killing, complete with the ability to “slash” victims using the iPhone’s accelerometer. When not dolling out Dexter’s special brand of justice, players will use strategy and cunning so as not to raise others’ suspicions, your success at disguising Dexter’s true nature monitored via a “Mask” meter that must be maintained at all times.

Hopefully this game will do the series justice – the fact that it’s being scripted by one of the show’s writers, Timothy Schlattmann, and voiced by star Michael C. Hall are both good signs. But the bargain bins are littered with more television-inspired casualties than all of Dexter’s kills combined. I remained silent as as they cranked out the CSI, LOST and 24 games, which are a great big pile of suck, but if they add my beloved Dexter to the list of disappointing videogame adaptations, I am seriously gonna have to cut a b*tch.