Many fixes to come to Killzone 2 multiplayer

We hope you all are having a blast playing Killzone 2 as we are. We’re sure everyone has noticed that the controls are unlike any we’ve experienced recently in a FPS, with the sense of gravity and weight making aiming rather difficult. Sure we can become accustomed to the controls with some practice, but not everyone is willing to make that change. Good news then that Guerrilla Games is actively looking into the controls and will be addressing other technical issues as well.

Seb Downie, producer at Guerilla, wrote on the official PS forums a number of things that will be included in an upcoming patch. In regards to a change in the controls scheme Downie wrote,”We have not stopped looking into the complaints and will see what we can do about it. Any possible changes will have to be carefully implemented and tested before being deployed though.” While that does not mean a different feel of controls is definitely coming, Downie did address issues such as stat padding, connection issues and tweaks to

There isn’t a solid date for a patch to be released yet but Guerilla is actively working on it.