Metroid Wii-make looks slick, still no US release date

We’ve been excited about New Play Control! Metroid Prime for a while now. The promise of Metroid Prime 3’s smooth Wiimote controls combined with the original Metroid Prime’s incredibly deep world can be too much for some Nintendo fanboys to handle. If you think you CAN handle such a concept, check out the above video, in which Samus explores Tallon IV using new Wii controls. Notice the cursor on screen in the Wii side of the video that allows for free aiming instead of the lock-on and fire style of the GCN version. Also apparent is a sweet new narrative voice over that is played during the opening scene.

As tantalizing as this footage is, there is still no US release date for New Play Control! Metroid Prime. A search on Nintendo’s official site reveals three New Play Control! games on the slate for early March, but no Metroid Prime. What a drag. I suppose the discrepancy between GCN and Wii owners presents a rather large amount of gamers who have never played the original Metroid Prime but have the opportunity to grab the new version. If you’re one of those people, I recommend keeping an eye out for the Wii-make.