Ninja Gaiden 2 DLC gets price cut, bleeds a lot

Ninja Gaiden II’s Mission Mode downloadable content is this week’s Xbox LIVE Marketplace Deal of the Week. Fire up your Xbox now and you’ll find the DLC for a cut-price 560 MS Points, down from the original 800.

Mission Mode, released back in July of last year, challenges players with 25 self-contained missions, each designed to test your ninja skills. High scores are also tracked and displayed on the Ninja Gaiden II Mission Leaderboards.

You can only purchase Deal of the Week offers if you are an Xbox LIVE Gold member – which shouldn’t be much of a problem as we guess most of you are already. Much more of a stumbling block, however, could be a general lack of interest. We’re a fickle bunch, us gamers, so anything that came out 8 months ago is like, ancient, right?