Toys R Us to sell used games?

I haven’t traded a game in since the days of the SEGA Genesis, and even now I look back at that trade-in and regret it. If I could only have my Genesis back, and Sonic, I’d be a happier man right now. Alas, I traded them away to the cold corporation that is GameStop. Now that same cold corporation will possibly be competing with another cold corporation in the form of Toys R Us. The mega-chain toy store has been sighted requesting used games.

Phear3d over at Cheap Ass Gamer took the shots you see above of Toys R Us requesting trade-ins. He then posted them and everyone ran around asking their Toys R Us if they too were taking trade-ins. Most people, like myself, got a “No, stop calling us you pedophile” response. Turns out the Mr. Pheared’s Toys R Us is running a test of a trade-in program that is going to be lasting a few more weeks. Right now people can only get store credit for the games, so GameStop still has that over the toy store.