March Madness now in downloadable form

God knows what it is, but there is something about March Madness that drags in even the most unobservant of sports fans. You can not know the difference between a basket and a touchdown and still feel excitement when you randomly see some Cinderella team make the Final Four. Us Americans love us some underdogs and now we can be one. EA has announced the release of NCAA Basketball 09: March Madness Edition and will be delivering the game exclusively over Xbox Live for 1500 moon dollars Microsoft Points.

The game will let players take their favorite college basketball team (as long as they made it into the bracket this year) and play through all of March Madness with them. Don’t be too upset though if your team seems to lose over and over when you set the computer against itself; March Madness is clearly one of the greatest places to witness massive upsets that a computer could never predict. The game will hit XBLA on March 11 and feature all of last year’s teams until this year’s teams are announced at which point the game will update on March 18 and give everyone the brackets they really want.