Nintendo Power houses first deets on Excitebots and info on new A Boy and His Blob

Nothing like some free online magazine content full of juicy news to try to get print sales up more. Nintendo Power has posted a few pages from the April issue for all to see and there seem to be two very interesting pieces of info in them. The first being some actual information on Excitebots: Trick Racing, which we only knew the name of before. The game will in fact be a sort of sequel to the Wii’s launch title Excite Truck and will feature a plethora of animal themed robot cars which can transform into two wheeling vehicles when special power-ups are obtained. Much of the same controls and gameplay mechanics will be kept from the underrated Excite Truck and a host of new treats will be thrown in.

The second piece of exciting news is that A Boy and His Blob shall be returning to the Wii. All we have on some of the most exciting news to happen to Jelly Beans in the past decade is a few words from the website (“This reinvention of the property on the Wii is simply stunning”) and blurred page from the magazine. Nintendo is teasing the article with more information hitting on March 5th and the full article of course being published when the magazine comes out. Just looking at the blurred artwork has me pretty excited as it appears to be both 2D and a catchy art style which you can check out in the table contents PDF here. We’re thinking this might be the next must-have WiiWare game.