Peggle: Dual Shot kicks off PopCap’s plans for world conquest

It seems the computer version was just a gateway drug. Now that PopCap has released their potent pinball-inspired, pachinko-styled peg pounder, Peggle: Dual Shot, on the Nintendo DS, we’re really getting into the hard stuff.

Peggle: Dual Shot features 120 levels, 90 challenges, and if it is anything like its predecessor, will be 100 percent addictive. With its rainbows, talking unicorns and skateboarding beavers, it’s the same experience you’d have taking mind-altering psychotropics, without the incredibly frightening hallucinations.

If you don’t have a DS, don’t worry – just as cocaine comes in a variety of forms, Peggle will also be available for the iPhone and XBLA later this month, with the new PC-friendly Peggle Nights available next month. It’s a regular Peggle-palooza. To celebrate their impending worldwide domination, PopCap is holding a three-month long “Peggle Fever” celebration, featuring daily giveaways, playable levels and a Peggle-inspired art contest whose grand prize winner will receive an all-expense paid trip to the developer’s Seattle headquarters in addition to having their creation featured in a future Peggle game.

Now all that’s left to do is figuring out how to draw and play Peggle at the same time.