A Boy and His Blob bring joy to gamers and their Wiis

It’s hard to get angry at people who haven’t played the 1989 classic A Boy and His Blob. While the game was a-frickin-mazing, it never really garnered the kind of following that it deserved and many gamers let it slip by them. However, after this fall we can all get as angry as we want at anyone who hasn’t played the game as Majesco has officially announced the game’s reimagination on the Wii, and it’s being developed by WayForward whose pedigree at old school gaming shall never be questioned thanks to the fact that they made Contra 4.

The “rebirth of this classic title” will feature all new, hand drawn and painted artwork that looks absolutely stunning. We had previously predicted the game as a WiiWare title, but it appears now that it will be a full fledged retail release that features 40 levels of a boy and his blob companion trying to save Blobolonia from an evil emperor. Of course this means plenty of jelly bean feeding to go around as players will once again be transforming the boy’s blob into useful tools by tossing him jelly beans. New this time around are Bubble Gum Bubble and Caramel Cannon. The only thing that has us worried is the last line of the press release: “…to provide a brand new play experience that only Wii can provide!” Please don’t overdo it with motion controls WayForward.