EA would like PS3 to get better

EA is a bunch of PS3 fanboys — confirmed! Just check out this quote from Glen Schofiled, EA’s Redwood Shores Studio general manager, “I’m really not sure what’s going on with Sony. They’ve been such a great, great partner and PlayStation 2 being such a great machine that, God, I hope they get out of this and they figure it out and they’re around for a long time.” Uggg, can’t you just feel the fanboyism dripping off the quote. I didn’t hear ol’ Glen hoping that the GC find its way out of third place. Rampant fanboyism.

In all seriousness EA of course wants the PS3 to pull out of the dumps because they make bloody games for it and selling more games is what EA wants to do. We’re pretty sure the PS2 was plenty nice to EA and that they’d love the PS3 to be just as nice to them. It makes them money. Schofield was also asked about a PS3 price cut. He quickly dodged the question saying, “You know, I can’t tell them what to do. I don’t know their finances.”I’ll just fill in the spaces there. What he meant to say was “You know (they should), I can’t tell them what to do, (but they really should). I don’t know thie finances, (but if they sell more systems then we sell more games.”