Wii Breakfast, a third-party peripheral maker’s dream game

Even though I own a a Wii balance board, a couple of Wii wheels, a couple of Wii guns and, though it shames me to admit it, a Wii light saber, I still think Wii Breakfast is pushing the peripherals too far.

Thankfully this isn’t a real game, a fact that probably has Nyko crying into their pillow. Wii Breakfast‘s plethora of peripherals exist only in the minds of the Idiots of Ants, a British sketch comedy group clearly comprised of gamers, judging by some of their other videogame-themed works. The scary part is, though this strives for parody — I just love when he burns his Wii toast and has to apply an extra thick layer of Wii butter with his Wii knife — take away the wires, and it teeters dangerously on the edge of believability.

Before Nintedo launched their white wunderkind, the company patented several bizarre, bemusing Wii peripheral including a bicycle, skateboard, fishing rod, baseball bat, and a Wii-mote stuffed teddy bear.