A Boy and His Blob in motion is the jellybean for boners

When I heard the NES classic A Boy and His Blob was getting a remake, courtesy of Way Forward, I got really giddy, remembering youthful days spent trying to beat one of the hardest f**king games ever made. Then I saw the screenshots and humped my laptop. Nothing is safe from my love of classic videogame properties and the gameplay videos (as well as an interview with the developers and publisher) released by IGN sure as hell aren’t helping things because the game looks absolutely amazing. The whimsical, hand-drawn storybook aesthetic coupled with the cute character designs and music have me all kinds of ready for the game. My only gripe is I wish the Blob’s eyes still showed when he transforms into a ladder or hole, like they did in the original. It was creepy. To see more boy-on-blob action, including the original’s beginning area recreated(!), hit the jump.