Capcom likes PC, digital distribution a lot

So you know how it’s kind of weird that Capcom keeps releasing games on every platform save for like, one? Yeah, so do we. Well, shedding a little light on the matter is their VP of strategic planning, Christian Svensson, in his interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun, saying it was heavily motivated by the global ubiquity of the PC in nations like Brazil or India. Of course, he talks about pushing that acceptance further and about piracy and all that as well. But what’s more interesting is what he says about digital distribution.

Here’s what he says after being asked if he finds it more important than retail:

“For me? Absolutely. No question in my mind. Digital distribution on PC ties directly into our strategy. Capcom is trying to lead in digital distribution, and I would go as far as to say that in the console space we are already the leading software publisher. We’ve had the highest revenue-generating Xbox Live title, we’ve had the highest revenue-generating Wii title, we’re definitely in the top three or four on the PlayStation network. To that end, on the PC side, I’ve spent the past year building up a digital distribution channel that has about twenty different partners. We’re ready on the console side, and we were the first Japanese publisher to do anything on Steam.”

He even goes on to say that the digital space will do just as well as retail in the current market. As a bit of a cherry on top (even though it comes toward the start of the interview), he admits that ports of Devil May Cry 3, Resident Evil 4, and Onimusha were pretty garbage. It’s interesting, to say the least, that one of the leading Japanese developers and publishers has taken such a massive interest in the PC as a viable gaming platform. That they’ve neglected it for as long as they have means that we of the PC community will watch cautiously. Not to mention that said games aren’t that typically seen or desired by PC gamers. But who knows? Maybe Capcom will do so well that Street Fighter 4 on PC will actually seem pretty normal. If I could give that “maybe” turbo italics, I would.