GameTap getting an overhaul, losing Mac support

Fans of GameTap, the service that allows one to play all manner of awesomely classic arcade, computer and console games, will be seeing some changes to their digital playground in a little over two weeks. Change can be a good thing, then again it can suck eggs (it’s too early to use the bad words) and cause all manner of ill feelings. Most of what’s changing in GameTap, due to the service going under new management, is of the former, including a faster client and other new hotness that’s detailed after the jump.

  • A unified browsing, downloading, and playing experience
  • Desktop & Start Menu shortcuts option for every game
  • Exciting titles from new publishers
  • All arcade and console games play right in your browser
  • Firefox support for in-browser play
  • Manage your download queue and favorites in your browser
  • Faster loading times
  • Additional subscription options
  • Simplified multi-computer use
  • Better search and navigation tools
  • New forum software
  • Customizable avatars
  • Improved parental controls
  • Updated digital download store with a better selection and competitive prices

As with all additions of new sexiness, there’s going to be some dumping of the old, even if it’s reliable. One of the major features to be discarded is Mac support. Now those of us that hang out at coffee shops will be back to playing only Blizzard titles (I got that in there before the snobs could). Also getting the kiss of death are leaderboards, challenge play, customizable controls, instant messaging, save states and some personal playlists. Hold off on the tomato throwing; the developers said these wouldn’t be available at launch, so it remains to be seen what will actually rise from its grave.