Kingdom Hearts DSi is the Louis Vuitton of handhelds

Square Enix’s long awaited addition to the Kingdom Hearts family, Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, finally has a due date in Japan: May 30.

The first DS-bound entry into the Disney-meets-Square series of action RPGs will set fans back 5,980 yen ($60), though the true faithful can prove the strength of their love and stability of their bank accounts with the special edition bundle for 24,480 yen ($246), which includes this checkboard decorated DSi. I’m not usually one to go for the game-themed special editions, but this is actually quite fetching.

If you’re not already feverishly planning your trip to Akihabara, know that Square Enix has confirmed a North American release for Kingdom Hearts: 179 days (see, I did the math for you!), though no release date has been set.