Some original Xbox games still in demand

There are times when we wish we could go back in time and put that first edition comic book back in its protective cover or take that rookie card out of our hands before it got stuck in the spokes of our bicycle. From collectible trading cards and dolls to commemorative plates and celebrity gum(!), everywhere you look, there is someone collecting something… even videogames. O RLY? YA RLY!

According to, there is a healthy market for those original Xbox games you may have forgotten about. Although production stopped for the system in 2005, some of the games for the first console from Microsoft have become rare and quite attractive to collectors. Even some of the less rare games can get a good price if they are popular enough and are backwards compatible.

If you have Marvel vs Capcom 2 shoved under a coffee table leg, you may want to pull it out and shop it around as the going price for it right now is $70 used and $170 new, making it the biggest cash draw for collectors. That’s followed closely by Steel Battalion (with controller), which would probably rake in more money if it were backwards compatible.

The whole list is quite surprising and might amaze you, partly due to the fact that someone will pay that much for an outdated game and partly because Barbie Horse Adventures Wild Horse Rescue is fetching more money from collectors than Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance 2 and <gasp!> Outlaw Golf :9 Holes of Xmas. Someone needs to have a talk with these collectors.