Indie game developers stray from The Path in new fairy tale title

Looks like Red Riding Hood will be entering the hallowed pantheon of twisted fairy tales, courtesy of The Path.

The Path is an indie game from Belgium-based developers Tale of Tales, makers of The Graveyard – a short and somber experiment in storytelling that places players in the role of an elderly woman visiting a cemetery. The Path, which offers a stylized, modernized interpretation of the more overtly sinister versions of Little Red Riding Hood, promises to have the same emotional yet economical aesthetic, though hopefully much more interactivity – games like flOw, Braid and Flower have proven that “artsy” doesn’t have to mean “boring.”

You will control one of six sisters living in an apartment in the city, who are systematically sent on an errand to visit their bedridden grandmother deep in the woods, with strict instructions not to stray from the path. Needless to say, that’s the first thing you’re gonna wanna do, as “the endless forest [is] filled with attractions and atrocities.” Stay on the path, and you’ll make it to Grandma’s without incident, but also without adventure. Leave the path, and you’ll learn more about the girls, the story and the world of the game, but at the cost of your life. Look for the self-described “short horror game” on Steam, Direct2Drive and Tale of Tales’ official website on March 18.