There’s something in the sea… some… thing

Bioshock is a great game that didn’t need a sequel, but that doesn’t mean a sequel won’t be coming, and now that it is all we can do is look forward to it with giddy anticipation. Helping us out with said giddy anticipation is the new viral marketing site Take-Two has put together for Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams. There’s Something In the Sea doesn’t have much at it, but what it does have should get any Bioshock fan once again excited.

The page shows us a map with the date 2/20/67 over an X on the coast of the UK. Above this is a newspaper clipping detailing the disappearance of 7-year-old Maura Clune from her family cottage in Liscannor Bay. We also get a letter from someone who has found a Big Daddy doll and has sent it to whomever is searching for the girl along with a photo of the doll. Static radio noises play over the background. Of course you can tell all this from clicking on the link so I’m not sure why I’m repeating it here, but I guess that’s what we do.

I’d bet people will start tearing through the site’s code looking for clues any time now, as they should since it appears Take-Two is definitely going all out with this. Kotaku even has some images of a real world poster that alludes to the story and a glowing red light, and invites people to hop onto the site. Mysteries abound!