Velvet Assassin smuggles sweet, sweet morphine past Australia’s ratings board

It seems SouthPeak and Replay Studios managed to convince Australia of morphine’s historical relevance afterall, as their morphine-mainlining WWII stealth action game, Velvet Assassin, scored an MA 15+ rating with all references to the real life drug left intact.

“We were surprised we didn’t have any issues [with the ratings board]. They rated it like any other game,” says SouthPeak’s Aubrey Norris, citing this as “a profound victory” for both SouthPeak and Replay Studios. “We put something controversial out…and we stuck to our guns.”

Could this mean a future devoid of fictional drug references in videogames, ’cause as much as I support overzealous censorship gettin’ bitch slapped, I’d really miss the silly names developers come up with to circumvent those conservative ratings boards.