Rumor / Four more Guitar Hero games coming in 2009

We all already know that Guitar Hero: Metallica, Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits and Guitar Hero: Modern Hits are coming out in 2009, but three games under the mega-license isn’t enough for Activision. Sources are saying that there will be four more Guitar Hero music games coming in 2009 in the form of Hard Rock Van Halen (August), Guitar Hero 5 (September), DJ Hero (October), and Band Hero (November). That’s four music games in four months, and if each one comes packed with a full band set than retailers are going to have their hands full.

We had already heard about Van Halen’s game thanks to some loose lips, and DJ Hero has been rumored for quite some time and had pretty much already been confirmed. Of course with Activision making Guitar Hero a yearly franchise Guitar Hero 5 was a no-brainer to be released at some point, though one wonders the point when they are clearly releasing content year round for the games. I guess new venues and slightly modified instruments are all the rage. Band Hero is the biggest mystery since World Tour is already a full band. Could it be that they’re making a big band game? Will we need upwards of 20 peripherals to truly fully enjoy it. Probably not, but a boy can dream.