San Diego <3’s Sony Online Entertainment

Everquest, Sony Online Entertainment’s premier massively multiplayer online role playing game, will turn 10 years old on March 16. To commemorate this event, the city of San Diego, the headquarters of SOE, will proclaim that day as “Sony Online Entertainment Day.” The official proclamation will occur on March 10 at 10 a.m. in room 202C on the 12th floor of San Diego’s Council Chambers.

SOE issued a statement saying, “This proclamation serves to commemorate the 10th anniversary and launch of EverQuest on this day as well as the continued support and dedication SOE shows to the city and community of San Diego.” The company has also issued an open invitation for Everquest fans to attend the proceedings and join in on an historic day of the MMORPG. Unfortunately, there was no mention as to whether cosplay would be allowed.