Tokyo Beat Down delivers fist audit to unruly taxpayer’s guts

“Who has it within them to rise up against the ever growing threat of violence, crime, and terrorism on the streets of Tokyo?”

The Beast Cops, stars of Tokyo Beat Down, that’s who! These tireless servants of justice will do whatever it takes to restore peace and security to the mean streets of Tokyo, even if it means repeatedly punching unarmed citizens in the stomach. Justice isn’t served until your perp vomits blood – they teach that day one in police school!

Atlus is clearly embracing the cheese of their badass cops in blazers premise, with characters spouting lines like “Crime never waits, so why should justice?” and “Fists can solve any problem!,” and we gotta say the game looks all the better for it. If you’re looking for a campy, classic beat ’em up, next Tuesday can’t come soon enough.