Nintendo is at it again! The new DSi hits Japan and sells like an antidote to the T-virus and the first good English preview puts it in a sterile chamber void of all things gamers would want. Instead of focusing on the new larger screens, better audio and SD card compatibility, which would no doubt give fanboys more fodder to throw at the PSP, they make it out to be the perfect digital photo frame. Really?

The fact that there is only one kid in the video, who serves merely as a transition from parents to grandparents, shows how far they are going to reach their newer audiences. First we see the upgrades and then focus on the camera capabilities. Granted they are cute, but unless Nyko comes out with a docking station designed for it, that photo frame idea is a waste. Then we see the new SD support for music and some equally cheap audio mixing features. While this again is interesting it doesn’t make it a must buy. Then following the new menu we see some DSiware titles, one even using the camera. Sadly this camera game makes it look like Nintendo recycled all those Game Boy Cameras they had sitting around. Should we expect to see the printer make a comeback too?

This ad should have run as a total diss to Sony, but instead all we real gamers get is a tag on the end, oh yeah, don’t forget we do games too. This isn’t the first time that Nintendo has frightened gamers by its absolutely casual marketing and seemingly uselessness of features (does anyone actually use the Wii Vote Channel?). It won’t be long before they slap a thermometer attachment for really hot and cold games, a pedometer for a DSi workout game and a breathalyzer so games change if you play drunk. Ok, that last idea has potential. Now, where did we put Reggie’s email?