Rumor / Resident Evil: Code Veronica remake for Wii?

Capcom has recently been very loose with their tongues concerning the future of the Resident Evil series on the Wii. First Resident Evil 5 producer Masachika Kawata claimed that he wished to work on a Wii Resident Evil next. Then Capcom marketing man Matt Dahlgren in two separate interviews said that not only would Wii owners by “very happy very soon” with respect to the Resident Evil franchise, but also that there would be an announcement on March 12th regarding a project that has a lot to do with Resident Evil: Code Veronica, but very little to do with both the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

So, what could this point to? A Code Veronica remake for the Wii, in the style of RE4 Wii edition perhaps? Or maybe it will be Umbrella Chronicles 2, with one of the scenarios being Code Veronica. If Capcom truly intends to make Wii owners “very happy,” it had better be the former. The blood from the Dead Space: Extraction on-rails shooter fiasco is still fresh.