Square Enix still working on a new MMORPG

If there were two things that people thought wouldn’t go together, it would have been Final Fantasy and the word MMO. That was proven false in 2002 with the release of Final Fantasy XI, a bold attempt by Square Enix to put the Final Fantasy world into an MMO format. Too bad that it can’t last forever and the company already realizes that FFXI is getting a little stale around the edges. So where is our new game?

In address to investors last month, Square Enix boss Yoichi Wada admitted that a new game was still development. “The question is where do we go from here, and we are currently developing a post-FFXI flagship title,” he said when discussing the transition from FFXI to a new title. Honestly, as long as “flagship-title” doesn’t mean Concerto Gate, I’ll be fine. Actually, as long as it doesn’t involve anything with cute chibis and pets.